God's Work. Our Hands. 2019: Serving those in the Service

Care Packages

For our social ministry event this year, Living Faith will be collecting personal care items for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard members deployed overseas through Operation Gratitude.  Drop off your donations in the collection container in the narthex, and join us after the worship service on Sept. 8 to assemble the kits!

  • Shower or Body Wipes (individual or 10 pack max)

  • All Purpose Wipes (30 wipe pack)

  • Travel Size Body Powder (1oz)

  • Disposable Razor

  • Travel Size Deodorant (0.5oz)

  • Travel Size Hand Sanitizer (2oz)

  • Travel Size Lotion (1oz)

  • Travel Size Mouthwash (1.2oz)

  • Dental Floss

  • Lip Balm

  • Travel Size Nail Clippers/Emery Boards (0.5oz)

  • Travel Size Sunscreen (1oz)

  • Insect Repelling Band or Wipes

  • Hand and/or Toe Warmers

  • Gallon Size Freezer Bag (for items)

  • Snack Size Ziplock (or 4x6 ziplock bag)

Please be mindful of the sizes of the individual items as space is always at a premium for those who are deployed. 

Choose quality over quantity. 

Monetary donations to support the cost of shipping also appreciated.

Share Your Personal Words of Appreciation

Operation Gratitude sends 250,000+ Care Packages each year to Deployed Troops, Veterans, and New Recruits. Of all the items included in these Care Packages, the most cherished are the personal letters of appreciation! It only takes five minutes of your day, but will bring lasting joy to the recipients.


Start with a salutation, such as “Dear Hero” or “Dear Brave One”

  • Write to either a Deployed Troop or a New Recruit

    • A Deployed Troop is currently overseas in harm’s way.

    • A New Recruit just completed Boot Camp and has sworn to serve for 4+ years.

  • Express your thanks for their selfless service

  • Please do not include the date or year on your letter or card

  • Avoid politics completely and religion in excess; however, saying you are praying for them is wonderful

  • Share a little about yourself: Family, Hobbies, Work, School, Pets, Travel

  • Talk about life and interests: Sports, Weather, Music, Movies, Food, Books

  • Adults: Include your contact information (mail or email) so the recipient can reply. Children: USE FIRST NAMES ONLY and no addresses please

  • Can’t find the words? Consider drawing or painting a picture instead; please add a note to kids’ drawings with their age. Please avoid glitter!

  • No need for postage or individual envelopes as all letters will be included in with the care package.

Catherine Florenz